A clay tablet appeared late one night. It was encased in a dark case of a hard resinous material. The clay itself was violet. Deciphering the cracks as cuneiform resulted in this fragment of a Gilgamesh-ite epic :
  ... then Ishtar drank many [quarts?] of beer
	dark foaming bounty of the plains

    wrapped herself in a cloak of spiderweb and [...]
    came to the Gate of Hell, the dark portal under the [stairs]

    the guardian beast would bar her entrance
    would refuse her passage to the Palace of Lords of the Dark

    She put on her majesty, her Goddess' glory,
    pushed them [aside], pushed them [...] mud

    Saying "all know me, I am Ishtar and ageless"
    Threw open the Gate of Hell where judgement is done

    All the ghosts were there in the forecourt
    Drifting back and forth, to and fro,

    Wailing and shrieking [...]
    [sound of falling rocks?]

    Ishtar went to the high point where the judgement is made
    Went to the high point overlooking the court

    Turned to address them to bring them outside
    As one they lifted their pale wasted faces

    Faces opened as one to address her
    Insulting her godhood and screaming in anger

    "Oh ignorant goddess in false garb [...] bad face-paint
    Close the damned Gate and [extinguish] the [sun]light!"
(Pseudoapocrypha 18, 989784 OGE, pp 1432-1434 Kadath)