A rant.

On Wednesday last, Faith and the Muse played at Man Ray. This was billed as an "acoustic" event, which, though amplified, it was. The music was quiet, relatively delicate compared to the electric versions, and very very good.

For anyone who doesn't know Man Ray in Cambridge, Mass., it consists of three rooms: the largest is "the cage" where this event took place, the next largest is the "front room" where Mothra was playing industrial that night, and a "living room" which has no dance floor but does have chairs, stools, and a bar.

I listened to the show from right at the stage, next to the speakers.

During the entire show, people were talking loud enough to drown out the quieter passages and blur the louder ones.

This struck me (and the band, who commented on it from the stage) as -incredibly- rude, both to the band and all the patrons who had come to see the band.

All the talkers had the option of going to another room if they didn't like the music. There was plenty of room in both.

I personally quashed four people who were within arm's reach.

When a live performance is in process, is it too much to ask everyone to

	SS     HH   HH   UU   UU  TTTTT      UU   UU  PPP
      SS  SS    H   H     U   U     T         U   U   P  P
      SS  SS    H   H     U   U     T         U   U   P  PP
       SS       HHHHH     U   U     T         U   U   P  P
	 SS     H   H     U   U     T         U   U   PPP
      SS  SS    H   H     U   U     T         U   U   P
      SS  SS    H   H     U   U     T         U   U   P
	SS     HH   HH     UUU      T          UUU    P

And everyone else please assist by asking the rude-stupids to be quiet?

One cannot hear while talking. What do you have to say that's so important it can't wait for a few minutes?

Most venues do reserve the right to quiet people making excessive noise, as well. During a classical concert, talkers may be asked to leave.

very very pissed, ash